Pre-Nursery to Grade I 

Students of Pre-Nursery, Prep & Grade I will be assessed on their day to day performance and tests. No formal examination will be conducted for them.


Grade II – V


  • No formal examination will be held for Grades II-V students. Students will be assessed on the basis of the unit tests.
  • Unit test papers/unit test note books will be returned to students within five days of the test. Parents are requested to sign the test papers and note books and maintain effective communication with the school through the Organizer.
  • The syllabus in all subjects will be divided into two independent semesters. Details will be given to the students.
  • Five unit tests will be held in all subjects for Grades II-V according to the schedule given in the Organizer.
  • Evaluation will be based on student’s continuous academic performance during the year.


Grade VI to VIII




  1. Promotion of the pupil is granted on the basis of the whole year’s performance, hence the importance of regularity in attendance and work. 75% attendance is mandatory for promotion.
  1. The following rules will be strictly adhered to at the time of promotion at the end of the academic year (Grade II – V)

The final evaluation will be based on:

  • 60% Weightage to the Unit test
  • 40% Weightage to the Internal Assessment
  1.  a) Students will be graded on 9 point grading scale
    b)Final result will comprise the marks of Annual Examination

(Board Exam for Class X) – 80 Marks and Internal Assessment – 20 Marks.

  • 80% Weightage to Annual Examination
  • 20% Weightage to Internal Assessment throughout the session

33% aggregate marks should be obtained by the pupil to be promoted to the next grade.



Class teachers keep updated records of all students. Half yearly reports reflect the average scores of every class and subject.

Consistent neglect of the academic work will not be condoned. Deficiency must be made good before promotion is considered. In view of the system of periodic tests and the year’s average in determining eligibility for promotion, it will not be possible to hold retests.