Yellow Card Record:

The following offenses by a student will result in a disciplinary warning or issuing of Yellow card.

  1. Hitting, kicking, punching, spitting, etc.
  2. Leaving the classroom or other designated area without permission.
  3. Instigating others /bullying younger students of the school.
  4. Swearing or using foul language in school.
  5. Stealing
  6. Destruction of others’ / school property.
  7. Spreading rumors or telling lies.
  8. Bringing any stuff to the school which is not permitted.
  9. Any objectionable thing/gadget will be confiscated and the card will be issued.

Red Card Record:

After the issuance of two yellow cards in an academic year, a red card will be issued to the student and his behavior will be under strict observation for fifteen days.
If it is improved the child will be allowed to continue. If no improvement is shown and the child continues his undisciplined behavior, will be asked to leave the school.

Please note that the school Principal has the authority to take any action for any of the above offenses even without issuing a red card as he thinks fit. If he finds the charges against any student grave enough, he may waive the procedure of yellow card and can directly give instructions for suspension or expulsion of a student from the school. His decision will be final in all matters of indiscipline.

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